Delivery XLS+, October 2015: KICT-CYHM-CYYR-BIKF-EGNS

Nov 7, 2022Impres­si­ons

Delivery and ferry of an XLS+ from Wichita to the Isle of Man

… via Hamil­ton (Canada) and Goose­Bay (New Found­land) and Kefla­vik (Iceland)

Some bad weather coming at departure time …

Let’s hit »the road«…

Weather map showing some bad weather coming
Serial plate XLS+ Cessna

Serial Plate XLS+

in high-quality pain­ting and sealing

Fire-proof registration-sign (required by local regulations) …

… doesn’t fit perfectly … but the sealer will conceal it …

Fire-Proof Registration-Sign
Wichita Mid-Continent Airport Information Screen

Street map in an airplane makes »perfectly sense« …

… and 16hrs as well as 243 power cycles already.

 Airplane interior fuse box

The one popped doesn’t even have a descrip­tion, see below …

Airplane fuse box
Interior J-Box Impressions

How can this be certified???

Shortly before passing KORD Chicago O’Hare

Chicago O'Hare arial view
Lake Ontario aerial view

Lake Ontario