Learning to Fly.


Learning to Fly.


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Learning to fly (PPL)

The dream of flying has always fasci­na­ted people

Nowa­days, flying is a reality for people. Trai­ning to fly an aircraft is deman­ding and requi­res constant flight trai­ning. There are also many addi­tio­nal quali­fi­ca­ti­ons for various special requi­re­ments . For this purpose I offer courses, trai­ning and theo­re­ti­cal educa­tion. I am also active as a pilot exami­ner (DPE).
Please feel free to contact me for your special needs.


Since 2001, I have been a licen­sed flight instruc­tor and have trained count­less students both in theory and prac­ti­cally in the aircraft – in various trai­ning stages to become a private pilot, commer­cial pilot or airline pilot. 


Class- and Typeratings

Curr­ently, I hold instruc­tor and exami­ner creden­ti­als for the follo­wing aircraft:

  • SEP(land), IR
  • C525 series
  • C560XL/XLS series
  • C680, C680+, C680A

I regu­larly train for various ATOs on simu­la­tors and in the aircraft on these aircraft types.

In 2012, I supported the Avia­tion Academy Austria GmbH in the design and vali­da­tion of the simu­la­tor C560XL/XLS and the deve­lo­p­ment of trai­ning documents.

In March 2013, I had the honour to perform the certi­fi­ca­tion flights with the respon­si­ble autho­rity exami­ner of Austro­con­trol.

Since January 2014, I have been regu­larly trai­ning and checking pilots who come there from all over the world – both in initial courses to obtain the type rating and in recur­rent trai­ning and checks to reva­li­date or renew their licenses.

In January 2019 I trained to acquire the SFI rating on the ATR 72–600 and train inter­na­tio­nal commer­cial pilots there to become co-pilots on this type.

Speci­fic Training

  • I can also draw on many years of expe­ri­ence in special trai­ning courses.
    I am happy to offer – also on behalf of various ATOs – the follo­wing trai­ning courses:
  • Weather-Radar
  • Steep Approach
  • LVO (Low Visi­bi­lity Opera­ti­ons) incl. Cat-II
  • NAT-HLA: Both theo­re­ti­cal trai­ning and prac­ti­cal instruc­tion in the context of an Atlan­tic crossing are possible.
  • Special Airport-Intro­duc­tions (London-City, Cham­bery, Sion, Lugano, Samedan, etc.)

Check Rides

I can offer the follo­wing LPCs/LSTs:

  • SEP-class­ra­ting (incl. IR)
  • C525 typera­ting
  • C560XL/XLS typera­ting
  • C680 typera­ting
  • Assess­ments of compe­tence for the reva­li­da­tion / renewal of instruc­tor and exami­ner ratings

Prepa­ra­tion for Exams and Assessments

You’re prepa­ring a job assessment?

Gladly I am available with all my know­ledge and long-stan­ding cont­acts to all possi­ble areas of pilot trai­ning from general avia­tion to airline pilots