UOOO Norilsk 2014

Jun 14, 2022Impres­si­ons

Trip to UOOO, Norilsk in April 2014

Roughly 4 hrs flight time north-east of Moscow. And the time-zone is 4 hours east of Moscow. And flying at night won’t give you many ERAs (enroute alter­nate airports) due to opera­ting hours and distance.

Lots of »nothing« in this area.

Cold and wild

Large areas of wilder­ness and no lights at dark.

Big snow piles behind our aircraft

There is some regular airline service to / from here.

Cold and dry climate.

Lots of hard-pressed and dry snow.

Old airport chart

In the old days the runway gradi­ent for the first roughly 400m was 2,75% (way more than certi­f­ya­ble limit)

New airport chart

Easy solu­tion: just »cut« first segment of the runway (with too steep a gradi­ent) and you’re in limits now. Little shorter runway though.